Who is your favorite author and why?

Throughout the month of January, WordPress is sending participating bloggers a writing prompt each day. It’s a way to find some creative inspiration and perhaps make connections with other bloggers. My entries in this blogging challenge will appear here under the tag #bloganuary.

“If my life depended on the writing of one sentence, I would want Frederick Buechner to write that sentence.”

–Pastor/author Brian Zahnd

I couldn’t agree more. Having read several Buechner works–Godric, Brendan, The Hungering Dark, The Alphabet of Grace, and Telling the Truth, I’m about to read The Book of Bebb, as well. There are relatively few authors I’ve returned to again and again–C.S. Lewis is one, and Dallas Willard is another–and Buechner belongs in that club. Go read some Buechner.

I would normally have much more to say about this, but frankly, it’s been a long day, and now it’s late and I’m tired, and if I’m to meet my goal of a daily post for the #bloganuary event, I have to hit that “Publish” button now.


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