My name is Doug, and the words in this blog are mine, except where noted or otherwise attributed. The views and opinions I state here are mine, as well, and are not intended to reflect or represent those of any organization with which I am affiliated or by which I am paid unless otherwise noted.

I was born in the deep South of the U.S. and raised in in the Midwest, except for a brief sojourn on the east coast. I attended a major midwestern university, where I studied journalism (majoring in radio, television and film). In the past I have worked in para-church student ministry, public education, higher education and information technology. I am an ordained minister in my church denomination, and a member of the pastoral staff at my church. I am quite happily married, the father of three children, and grandfather to four.

I have written, in one form or another, almost every day of my life since adolescence. I earned my living as a technical writer at a university for many years. I wrote a technology-oriented newspaper column for several years, and have been an occasional contributor to a faith-oriented column, as well. I have written dozens of sermons over the years. I’ve also blogged for quite a long time on a variety of topics that interest me.

And yet, in spite of all of that writing, I still find that I am hesitant to self-identify as a writer. I have learned that this is not uncommon among those who write–at a recent writers’ workshop I attended, virtually all participants, including a few who had already published one or more books, admitted some reluctance to call themselves writers.

So I suppose this blog is intended to be a writing sandbox–a place for me to practice, to sharpen my tools, take some risks, learn some new things, and perhaps, ultimately, to try to convince myself that I needn’t hesitate to say, “I am a writer.”

Other things about me: I’m an introvert; I like to think I’m an affable sort. I read a lot. I enjoy being outdoors. I’m a bit of a news junkie. I’m an okay guitar player, a so-so bass player, a wannabe banjo player, and a terrible mandolin player. I goof around with keyboards and MIDI sometimes, but generally not in front of other people.  I am a fairly competent woodworker, having learned it from my dad, mostly. I’m a licensed amateur radio operator and an electronics nerd–I like to build radios and audio gadgets and fiddle with microprocessors. I enjoy making things and fixing things.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I affirm the Apostles’ Creed without reservation. I once had a much longer list of theological things about which I was certain than I do now, and I’m increasingly comfortable with the mystery of the Christian faith.

I am broken-hearted for the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed, the immigrant and the refugee. At the same time, I hold onto hope that our broken world will be mended one day.

I am quite fond of coffee.